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Rave Reviews

Erin , Santa Barbara

Ryan, Santa Barbara

"The first lymphatic massage session with Katya was truly transformative.

Knowing nothing about lymphatic therapy except for it's health benefits related to inflammation, allergens, and detoxification, I was amazed at how different I felt the hours and days following our session.  My skin was very clear and I felt a sense of stillness that was much different than massage or other forms of therapy.  The muscles in my face and arms felt invigorated and the inflammation from allergies was gone.  I am an active, young person with a busy lifestyle and I have found lymph therapy to be completely renewing.  Katya is extremely focused, intentional and provides a very thorough session every time.  Her knowledge  and practice of lymph therapy has something to offer everyone - both young and old, healthy and recovering from illness or injury."


“I get lymphatic treatment because it gives me energy, and helps me recover after a long workout.  I go to Katya because of her experience and knowledge – she is an encyclopedia of information for a healthy lifestyle.”                                                                    

Anna, Santa Barbara

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