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The lymphatic and the immune systems constantly interact; much like an information highway of energetic and molecular feedback, designed to keep body healthy.
Stagnation of the lymph flow has catastrophic results for health and beauty. I found lymphatic therapy to be very effective in unclogging blockages in the lymph system and preventing most of the degenerative diseases as well helping to overcome health related disorders that are accompanied by inflammation.
Energize holistically offers a variety treatments from relaxing whole body lymphatic therapy, lymphatic drainage facial to customized lymphatic drainage sessions to eliminate specific problems.
Lymphatic drainage enables renewal of lymph system, activation of circulation and energy pathways, and stimulates facial tissue regeneration. Lymphatic facial therapy is a truly effective, holistic approach for archiving beautiful vibrant skin.

What is lymphatic system and how it works?
Lymphatic drainage facial
Healing hands lymphatic massage 
Introduction to the lymphatic therapy session
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