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Fitness consulting Santa Barbara

Fitness and exercise is an important component to any lifestyle that promotes vibrant health and vitality. Energize Holistically offers functional cross fitness consulting and training tailored to the specific person’s goals, needs, and lifestyle. I will create a custom program, which challenges, inspires, balances, and transforms you.  Some of the exercises that I include in the program are plyometrics, weight lifting, rebounding, and yoga help you to archive toned, muscular body and greater power, endurance, and strength. Fitness can take place at the variety of locations, from your home to a local park, beach, gym, or place of work. Private and small group fitness sessions are available. One of my favorite aerobic exercises is rebounding. Rebounding is one of the most effective aerobic trainings that affect every cell in the body. It’s strengthens musculoskeletal system, promotes lymphatic health, uplifts the spirit and gentle on the joins.

Balance  & coordination rebounding routine​
Pilates rebounding routine
Rebounding morning routine​
Energetic rebounding workout
Rebounding stretching routine
Yoga at the beach  

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